Lumberjack and Logger is the same? Is a sport?


Lumberjack is a sport?

Lumberjack is a sport in which the participants put their logging skills to test. Lumberjack events have several types of competitions for chopping, cutting, logging and several other disciplines.  한국야동

Lumberjack is a Canadian English means "man or fellow"

Work was hard and dangerous. There was always the danger of timber falling on oneself. Weather could be unpredictable and create dangerous conditions. All timber had to be manually transported out of the area by oxen, river or eventually train which led to constant accidents at the time.

Difference between the Lumberjack and Logger

Lumberjack is a person whose work is to fell trees while logger is a worker's occupation to harvest

Best time of Logging

Logging was always done in the fall and winter when colder conditions made it easier to drag and transport fell wood to frozen streams and rivers. Spring often made roads and trails too muddy to transport timber. This changed as modern techniques for cutting and transporting wood made logging a year-long venture, but weather conditions always made it a hard and dangerous task.

Logger sports

The sport of Logger sports grew out of competitions in lumber camps aimed at determining the best woodcutters. Today, these competitions are used to acknowledge the rich history of forestry and logging and to keep traditions alive.

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